Thursday, March 27, 2008

The sun is out!

Well, sort of...but spring is here which means that training starts to get easier. No more gloves, hats, etc. Well, that hasn't happened yet but it will. I can feel it!!!!

2 weeks ago Christina, Ted, Noble, Shannon and I ran the VA Beach Shamrock half marathon. I thought I would hate every minute of it but it was actually really fun! I would actually do another one. I ran a steady pace for 10 miles, then stopped at the aid station at mile 10 for some water and a gel. Yum. And then it was just 3 miles to the finish line. Psychologically it feels better to have 3 left. And when your hotel is at the finish line, you gotta get there somehow! And running is the fastest way. As you know, I hate running, but this gave me more confidence in my abilities and hopefully this will make the run at the tri much easier this year.

I am also psyched because I am guaranteed in the top 8 in my category. That would be because there are only 8 people in my category. But hey! Top 8 and I get a prize. Now I just need to come in at least at 7 or else I will be embarassed!!!!

The photo from the top is from Shamrock at the finish line party. The finish line is always the best feeling ever. This weekend I am running the Scope it out 5k!

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