Thursday, December 6, 2007

It is freezing out!

So, I guess that makes me hard core...I have done my workouts this week even in gale force winds, freezing pool temperatures (yes, an indoor pool) and tonight I will run on ice. But, I kind of feel like I have a purpose!

It is hard to believe that in 5 months we will be in Florida racing! I am so ready! Well, not physically, but mentally!

The buddy workouts have been really helpful. The team captains post where they will be doing their workouts and invite others to join them. It is a nice option and helps to keep us and our teammates motivated. At my buddy workout on Monday (in the gale force winds) we had 6 people which was great! Today at the pool there were 7--even with ice and snow on the ground (and apparently ice in the pool).

This weekend is our first clinic and the Jolly Fat Man run. Should be fun!

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