Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kick Off

We woke up at 5:45 am yesterday to get to Arlington for the TNT Kickoff for the spring season! the 3 triathlon teams, St Anthony's, Cap-Tex and Gulf Coast, and the 2 marathon teams, Nation's Marathon and Country Music Marathon were all in attendance to get pumped for a great year.

As a team captain, I had to be there early to help out. My job was to sell raffle tickets--which was super fun! We made over $1300, which was then split into two. Two lucky raffle winners got over $650 into their fundraising accounts!!!! Wow! Sadly, I was not a winner...

Our first swim practice is on Tuesday. I can't believe we are starting this all over again!!!! Yikes!!! But I am so excited! :) I will post some photos from Kickoff later today!

1 comment:

Teen said...

That is one hot photo!
Too Bad we didn't win the raffle prize. I am sure that if we did people would have been a little suspicious! ;) Ha!
Great job this first week, Cap'n!