Saturday, January 12, 2008

Run Clinic

Today we had a great run clinic with pro-triathlete Margie Shapiro at her store, Potomac River Running, in Reston VA. I am really trying to make my running more efficient this year with a goal of finishing the run in 1 hour. It is ambitious but I am hopeful that with hard work I can do it!

After, I was fitted by Margie for a new pair of kicks. I am so excited to try them out! New season means new shoes.

Finally, we rode for 65 minutes today (or a little longer--lost count!). It was a great day for a ride. Really sunny and not too cold. I felt great. I think I did about 15-16 miles, but I have no clue--I forgot to set my odometer on my bike! HA! What I do know is that I felt great after taking a few month hiatus on the bike.

Still trying to figure out gluten free nutrition--especially when the post workouts have been at Cosi both weeks! Oh well...not many popular gluten free restaurants.

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